Hello.  I’m Jack Anita, an aspiring illustrator and artist of pin-up girls and erotica, and frankly, I just like to draw girls.

I don’t fancy myself as a professional artist, nor do I consider myself to be a freelancer.  In fact, for many years I drew girls just as a personal hobby to unwind after work.  I decided to set up a website which displays my art because I think art needs to be shared with others.  In fact, the past few years of showcasing my pin-up art on DeviantArt has made a huge impact on developing my artistic skill and eye.

Like I mentioned, I have been drawing and doodling since I was young. Some of the inspirations I had was the stack of comic books I had beside my bedside table, including Stan Lee’s Spiderman, Mark Silverstri’s X-Men, Michael Turner’s Witchblade and J. Scott Campbell’s Gen-13 and Dangergirl.

I accept commissions and contract work on a case-by-case basis.  I rarely do personal commissions, unless the subject matter is particularly interesting to me.  But don’t hesitate to ask me anything.  I’m bound to answer.

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